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Test Server
CPUAMD Epyc 7413
ROMHard Disk 7200 RPM

You can rent a test server at very affordable prices. Although you cannot achieve high performance with these servers, they perform better than the same priced servers on the market.

Starts from 17,06$ Get Started
Eko Server
CPUAMD Epyc 7413

Eko servers are ideal for games that need to be kept open for a long time. With these servers, you get enough performance and they are much more stable than their equivalents.

Starts from 23,93$ Get Started
Boosted Server
CPUAMD Epyc 7413 Dedicated
RAM4 line DDR4-ECC
ROM2 line NVMe SSD (Raid)

Even superior to Dedicated, EXTREM PERFORMANCE! In this server configuration, processor cores distributed to 4 different numa nodes are given. Thus, you get superior performance even with low core count with up to 4 times cache performance increase. Network, disk and ram speeds are also at high-scale bare metal level!

Starts from 47,95$ Get Started


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When you log in, you will be able to see our transparency policy in the "New Server" panel as in the example below. We always commit to give our customers the quality they pay for. Thanks to our unique sharing transparency in the market, you will see that you are getting a service free from all the deceptions in the server sectors.

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We do not offer you ready-made configurations. You determine everything from the number of processors to the amount of ram. This way you get the value of the fee you pay.

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